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Symtec, Inc. Celebrating 25th anniversary

Symtec, Inc., the leader in flexible heaters and controllers, is celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2014.

The Minneapolis, Minn. based company was founded in 1989 as a basement operation. Symtec’s initial sales were a flexible thumbwarmer to snowmobile dealers who were looking to solve the “cold thumb” issue when operating a snowmobile.

Throughout the years, Symtec has expanded their product offering to over 200 products, including heated grips and seat heaters. Many of these products incorporate the numerous company-held patents.

This growth has allowed Symtec to diversify into medical and other industries. While continually looking for ways to modify and improve their Heat Demon branded products, there is also an increase in new OEM customers outside of the powersports industry.

Through the steady progression and diversification, it’s apparent that Symtec is dedicated to achieve more growth into 2015 and beyond.

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Symtec: the Leader in Heat Performance Technology

Heat Demon products are designed to help you ride longer into the cold months or just longer into the cold nights. The proprietary heating technology needs to be experienced first hand to really be appreciated. But we can give you the next best thing through a photographic heat sensory demonstration.